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Beijing Euroart Celebrates 20th Anniversary: Coronavirus Takes Toll, But 2021 Looks Bright

July 24, 2020


Ricky Lu of Euroart
Ricky Lu of Euroart

SHANGHAI – The Chinese market is gradually rebounding after the coronavirus pandemic, says Ricky Lu, owner of Beijing Euroart Co., a 20-year-old retailer to interior designers and distributor to wholesalers in major Chinese cities.

Euroart is considered one of the top wholesalers of upper-end lines in China, with many of the top Western editeur brands in Lu’s three showrooms: at its Beijing headquarters; in the Wending Road showroom district in Shanghai; and in Shenzhen, which is on the southern tip of the central Chinese mainland and has a population of about 12.4 million.

“Our sales have been affected by the COVID crisis in the first half of 2020,” Lu says. “We are in the second half now, and the market is getting back slowly. Euroart will face the first time of decreasing sales this year in its history, but I feel positive for 2021, as we have complete sales structures and strong marketing tools.”

He adds Euroart has been developing its customer base for the past 20 years. The company’s showrooms “will play an important role as regional-center-serving retailers and benefit from [Euroart’s sister company] ADMD Design Cultural Co.’s strong relationship with the interior designers,” Lu says. “The sales to designers will be increasing.”

Lu says he is bullish about the future Chinese domestic market, especially as major cities mature, and those cities with medium populations continue to develop.

“China is the biggest and a fast-increasing market; it was and it will be,” he says. “The business has more room to grow in the second- and third-level cities now.”

Meanwhile, local demands from major cities like Beijing, Shanghai, and Shenzhen “will step into a steady period,” Lu adds.

He says Chinese designers are also getting stronger. “The design community in these cities is getting stronger and becoming more international,” Lu says. “The design business will soar. Of course, the demands for fabric will increase along with it.”

As for Euroart’s suppliers, they’ve been great, he says.

“All our suppliers are very active -- even during the pandemic,” Lu says. “We help each other and encourage each other. We have received masks from ROMO. Our active partners like ROMO, Alhambra, and Kobe even joined our online training. We received many warm emails from supplier friends and Mr. Martin Waller of Andrew Martin called us many times.”

“Everybody knows the human race is facing a big challenge from this virus,” Lu says. “We need to help each other. Sales for everyone will be less than before, but we all are positive and optimistic.”

Euroart Highlights From Past 20 Years

July 26, 2000: Beijing Euroart Co. was founded in Beijing. Specialized in European interior fabric and wholesaling in the mainland China market.

May 15, 2007: Shanghai trade showroom opens. Apart from serving the South China retailers, the showroom has played an important role in the company’s designer and decorator business.

March 7, 2008: As a fabric editeur, Euroart released its own brand, Tina Chris, to the public. Each collection has been designed by the Euroart design team or by a famous Chinese interior designer.

July 18, 2012: ADMD Design Culture Co. is founded in Beijing. As a sister company of Euroart, it specializes in interior design promotion and links Chinese design to the outside world.

May 25, 2017:  Shenzhen trade showroom debuts. The showroom focuses on serving local designers and decorators.

August 28, 2019:  Euroart launches a new brand called TC at the Intertextile Fair in Shanghai. TC stands for Texture and Color, and it is a stock range serving the Chinese market by cut length. All the fabrics are imported.


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