Baumann Dekor Line Will Be Produced in India

June 6, 2024

Baumann Dekor Line Will Be Produced in India

GMUND, Austria—Baumann Dekor, founded in 1916 expects to transfer production to a contract mill in India, according to Ajay Singh, the principal who bought the mill in 2015.
“Production in Austria is no longer sustainable economically,” he says. India is a more cost effective location.” Only samples are still produced in Austria of the Baumann Dekor line which sells for 12-70 Euros with inherently FR yarns.
“COVID hit us very hard,” he says. Together with his wife Veenu Kanwar who is the design director for the company, Singh has rebuilt Baumann Dekor as a supplier to the hospitality and sea cruise trade, especially in Europe. “None of our designs is ever discontinued unless the yarns are no longer available. We can produce custom items with as little as a 50-yard order,” he adds.

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