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At 140 Years, Aznar Forges Ahead; War, Nationalization, Pandemic Aside

May 10, 2021

VALENCIA—At 140 years of age, Aznar Textile has weathered many storms including a Civil War, the nationalization of the business in the Spanish Republic, and years later payment suspension…and now a Pandemic.

“At Aznar Textil, we believe that changing the color of reality is possible, which is why we were pioneers in launching Eco Green Products on the market, a line of fabrics made from recycled yarn that we have promoted in recent months,” says Eduardo Aznar CEO.

“The objective of this great initiative is to guarantee a sustainable production process for our collections. Recycling cotton reduces the cultivated land area, thereby saving water, energy, and the use of pesticides,” he points out.

“Recycled polyester consumes less energy and emits fewer gases in its production. On the other hand, this process is beneficial because it helps reduce the plastic packaging waste generated to create the polyester textile fiber.”

In line with this thinking, Aznar has developed new lines and divisions of smart and more functional fabrics, certified by independent bodies, such as acoustic, thermal, antibacterial textiles, with ultraviolet protection and anti-stain.

The immediate plan of Aznar calls recovering the turnover of the year 2019. In terms of new investments, “we are going to expand the warehouse of the Bocairente weaving plant to provide service to the new product lines,” Aznar says. “We plan to renovate the loom park in the next 3-5 years gradually, with more efficient, versatile, and connected looms. We continue to bet on digitization and sustainability in our processes, products, and services that we offer.”

A brief history of Aznar:
Jose Aznar was the founder of the first commercial operation of Aznar Textil dating back to 1881.
It consisted of the sale of a piece and a half of pique.  

Aznar began its great transformation from the incorporation in 1963 of our father and President of the company, Vicente Aznar.
With Vicente, we moved from a local warehouse to sell on a national

Aznar created the Design department in 1979, and in 1980 the Export Department.

In 1985 Aznar Textil changed its headquarters focus in Paterna, and in 1998 inaugurated its new warehouse and plant Weaving in Bocairente, exporting to 85 countries.

From July to December 2020, people invest worldwide in our homes and this helped companies related to the home textile sector. New consumer trends emerged that prioritize the house as a refuge, the multifunctional house adapted for telework, leisure, and sports, DIY as a hobby, fabrics to take advantage of the terraces and balconies. The interest in proximity fabrics, the importance of durability and quality, as well as the interest and desire for consumption of textiles that respect the


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