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Applied Textiles and Yongshun Offer New Stain-Repellent Application for Window Treatments

February 28, 2019


Applied Textiles and Yongshun Offer New Stain-Repellent Application for Window Treatments

BYRON CENTER, Mich. – Applied Textiles and Yongshun have launched a new stain repellent application called Alta for window treatments: blackout drapery, blackout roller shades, translucent roller shades, and custom digitally printed roller shades.

Applied Textiles is a textile technology company with an A2LA-accredited lab and easy supply chain management, while Yongshun manufactures window treatments for commercial and residential.

Alta is available for both residential and commercial applications in all countries where Yongshun window treatment fabrics are sold.

 “At first glance, the need for stain repellency on a vertical surface might not be clear,” John Schroeter, president and founder of Applied Textiles, says in a statement. “Our joint experience working with some of the largest hoteliers in the world has taught us otherwise.”

Window treatments in commercial spaces have unique requirements for stiffness, performance, and FR (fire resistant) code compliance. Officials say the Alta treatment allows standard-stock products to be treated.
Alta is a more comprehensive solution than other treatment products on the market; the technology provides the highest combination of repellency of liquids and cleanability of liquids and oil-based stains, according to Schroeter.

Alta is permanent and lasts as long as the fabric. Alta will not change the way the fabric feels, or the fabric’s color, and eases maintenance while eliminating the need for harsh cleaning agents. Officials say when using Alta on blackout roller shades, digitally printed roller shades, translucent roller shades, and blackout drapery, users are also receiving the necessary fire-code treatments.

Watch the Alta demo video here: https://vimeo.com/201189210/f504316d8c . 

Alta is ordered through Yongshun. Processing can be managed in the U.S. or China. Customers should add Alta to the specification and the correct custom mix prior to cutting and sewing.


Officials say Alta uses less chemistry. Applied Textile’s custom solutions utilize covalent bonding to create a permanent change at the molecular level of the fabric’s fibers. Due to the chemical bond, the treatment will not wear off or wash off. The change in chemistry creates repellency between the fibers and oil- or water-based spills and stains.

Officials say Alta is a sustainable, environmentally responsible, water-based treatment that meets the requirements and standards of the U.S. EPA, California Prop 65, and the European Union’s REACH standards for safe chemistry.

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