A'alam Saudi Furniture Opens Showroom on 20th Anniversary

September 5, 1999

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia -- A'alam Saudi Furniture Factory is celebrating its 20th anniversary with the opening of its tenth showroom in the southern part of Saudi Arabia, according to Abbas Ali Slim, international purchasing manager.
Saudi Arabia is considered by far to be the largest market in the Middle East with the greatest population and stiffest competition. Other competitors like Mohammed Al Guthmi and Aljedaie have planned new showrooms in Saudi in hopes of increasing their share of the highly competitive fabric market in this area of the world.
The new Saudi Furniture Factory showroom opened in March in Abha, about 3,800 km or 2,280 miles from Riyadh. Abha is considered a vacation spot for Saudi, Kuwait and the entire Gulf Region. The other Saudi Factory Showrooms are located in Jeddah, Meddina and Dammam; and three showrooms each in Riyadh and Kuwait.
The next Saudi Furniture Factory showroom is expected to open in Dubai in 2,000.
Originally, Saudi Furniture Factory produced upholstered furniture for the Middle Eastern market. The company consumes about 50,000-60,000 meters a month for its own furniture production. About eight years ago, it began to sell upholstery piece goods and became an important buyer in the Middle East. The company also makes coordinated curtains for its sofa lines. The fabrics are directly imported from a total of 30 suppliers in the U.S., Europe and Morocco.
"We sell top and middle end products. We offer our customers a guarantee of colorfastness on all of the fabrics used for sofa and curtains," said Ali Slim.

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