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Frankfurt – At Heimtextil, Donghia entered the European contract wallcoverings market with the debut of a collection of paperback polyolefin wallcoverings, called "Great Walls of China." "It looks like any upholstered wall and it passes all the testing necessary," said Sherry Donghia, owner of the high-end jobber. "Depending on the state or country, there are different tests, cleaning, abrasion for the hallways for hotels when the luggage carts bang into the walls. It's commerically approved and it can be wiped down and ketchup and mustard can be wiped off." The wallcoverings, which are already available in the States, bear unique designs and colorways, Donghia said. "It's a very sophisticated collection that I have in my personal apartment." "We are known for upholstery innovations even though we do decorative and casement fabrics. People know us for that." The wallcoverings complement the company's Donghia Studio and WeaveDown, which are geared to the hospitality industry. Donghia Studio is a full range of furniture designed for 5-star hotels, launched in 2000. WeaveDown, which includes Donghia's signature fabrics and trim, offers customizable contract fabrics for hospitality applications. "WeaveDown fabrics are specifically designed for hospitality so people in the hospitality world can customize our product for each job," she said. "We already have a product in the material that passes the test and then the designer from the hotel can say, 'This is my color pallette and I need this in these colors.' "We offer something very different than what the Europeans offer. They are stocking specific colors in Trevira. If the owner or purchaser waits till the last moment to give the OK, then they have to take what's in stock. But if they work with us, they can have a one-of-a-kind look, which is what I think they're being paid to provide. We make that possible if they can get their act together to work on it in advance." Donghia's strongest market is the U.S. but the company distributes worldwide. "We have a network of distributors at the top level of the market," Donghia said. "We sell to the best interior designers and architects worldwide that are working on the most prestigious projects." The firm is supplying goods for several hospitality projects currently. Among them: the Crown Plaza Hotel Complex (Beirut, Lebanon), Ritz Carlton Battery Park (New York), Emirates Tower (Dubai) and Four Seasons Hotels worldwide.

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