Regal Fabrics Buys Diversitex Home

New brand called Dtex by Regal Fabrics  

August 24, 2020

Regal President Steve Kahan
Regal President Steve Kahan

MIDDLETON, Mass. -- Regal Fabrics has bought for an undisclosed amount the Diversitex Home division of Diversitex Inc. 

The product line will be rebranded as Dtex by Regal Fabrics. Regal will begin operations on Aug. 24. Diversitex is a military, industrial, and apparel fabrics-converter in Fairfield, New Jersey.

“We’ll now have natural fibers sourced in the USA including the fabric known as Topsider, which is arguably the most successful cotton twill in the industry,” Regal President Steve Kahan says in a statement.

The new Dtex line includes a range of wovens in cotton, linen, and rayon, plus velvets.

For over 20 years, Diversitex Home provided upholstery and multipurpose fabrics from around the world.  Officials say the line is best known for a collection of U.S.-converted piece-dyed natural-fiber weaves and twills.  It also sells velvets, and natural and polyester jacquards.

Diversitex President and Principal Marc Bergman will stay at the company.  

Kahan says, “Going forward, we are equally excited about the opportunities to build on our newly acquired capabilities to create new and novel fabrics in the future.”


Founded in 1987, Regal Fabrics is a leading producer of fabrics for furniture manufacturers, fabric distributors, and more. Regal’s design studio creates original, copyright-protected designs. All are available with performance finishing.  

Regal offers a range of fabrics, including woven textures, jacquards, prints, velvets, and embroideries.


Founded in 1970 by Charles Summers, Diversitex began as a jobber and converter of industrial fabrics. The company soon expanded into military and apparel -- a major supplier of camouflage around the world. The company continued its growth with the addition of home furnishings in the 1990s, becoming a leader in the fast-growing casual furniture sector, according to the company.

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