Proposte Shifts Dates from May to April; Three Major Italian Companies Pull Out

February 27, 2019


Proposte Shifts Dates from May to April; Three Major Italian Companies Pull Out

Salon di Mobile ends April 14 and Proposte begins on April 15 this year.

Some observers say Proposte organizers changed dates to follow Salon di Mobile, so that companies would attend both events. 

“This is an illusion,” says one source, who did not want to be identified. “Nobody spends one hour to travel from Milan to Cernobbio, when in Milan there are 3,000 exhibitors to visit. Also Milan is an attractive city.”

Mario Sirtori, Enzo Angiuoni, and Limonta are not showing their lines at Proposte this year. Still, Enzo Angiuoni will open their showroom from April 8-21.

Mario Sirtori and Limonta officials could not be reached for comment.

Why did these three major Italian mills drop out of Proposte this year?

“The piece goods business is not so good in Europe, which is in a recession right now,” one American agent says. “Some of the Italian mills are running four days and are having financial difficulties. They find themselves pressed to be at two exhibitions so close together. They prefer the upholstery business and would like to spend their time at Salon di Mobile to focus on upholstery buyers.”

With the loss of those three important mills, the Proposte show organizers sold the space to Stead McAlpin (UK), Acarca (Turkey) and GM Syntex, the first Indian mill to gain admission to what was always a European exhibition.

There are many other companies who are waiting to exhibit at Proposte, some have been turned down as much as six times. Proposte organizers could not be reached for comment.


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