Italy Section: New Products Drive Mario Sirtori Sales

September 5, 1999

Costamasnaga, Italy -- Buoyed by the great success obtained through its product 'Acquacotton,' Mario Sirtori SpA has recently launched 'Cotton Stripe.' This product is a velvet in 100 percent cotton, soft to the touch and machine washable. It is available in 25 colors.
"The effect is that of a cotton velvet for apparel, but the difference is that it is machine washable with no need of ironing. 'Cotton Stripe' is a product with these same technical characteristics, as well as a 1000-stripe design which enhances the structure of the article," said Giulio Sirtori.
"The fabric has the quality and resistance necessary for a good product destined for furnishings."
"Aquacotton" is the company's best selling product, he said. "There is not an article that we consider more important when presenting our collection. We seek to emphasize that which makes our collection exclusive, pointing out the unique qualities and characteristics with all of our enthusiasm," he said
Sirtori manufactures jacquards and velvets for the furniture industry, textile wholesalers, architects and to the automobile industry. Sirtori makes up part of a group which includes a spinning mill in Pasubio and a dyeing/cleaning plant in Signori.
The company has a production facility with an area of 10,272 square meters operating with a workforce of 125.
In 1998 the company had an average monthly production of 27,080 meters for a total annual production of 2,972,000 meters and a turnover of U.S. $289 million only for the furnishing sector.
The average width for the company's furnishing textiles is 138/140 cm, and 276/280 for the contract market. "As a textile mill, our monthly production capacity for furnishing textiles is 300,000 meters," said Giulio.
"The company's biggest markets are England, Japan, Greece, Germany and the Scandinavian countries. According to Giulio, 75 percent of its monthly production is exported. "There is no doubt that competition in our market becomes greater every day, but as far as our product is concerned, we face competition from Belgium, Turkey, Spain and the emerging markets.
"We choose to confront [these markets] through the use of different, unique threads, innovative colors and designs and by keeping a high stylistic level. Business with the international market is in continuous evolution. But the international market has become globalized and, therefore, very sensitive to changes. The tastes are becoming uniform, more and more similar, and the demand is always directed towards new and innovative products," Giulio said.
A large section of the company's collection is geared towards the contract market. More than 100 coordinates in color and design are the tools with which architects and designers are able to create personalized environments for hotels, homes, ships and healthcare.
"Our coordinated articles have been carefully studied in order to create a refined atmosphere, from upholstery to curtains, to bedspreads, wall coverings and all that includes textiles for the home," said Giulio. The company's products have permanent flame retardancy, guaranteed by Trevira CS, Hoescht AG and Classe 1. The contract market is responsible for 10 percent of Sirtori total turnover.
The company has recently undertaken efforts to take advantage of the U.S. market. It is also starting relations in China and has already appointed a representative and participated in a trade show for the sector.
"We are constantly keeping an eye on the Eastern market, and are ready to grab any new opportunity that may come our way," said Sirtori.
"Our commercial office is geared towards making new contacts, either potential representatives for the areas in which we are not yet present, or in directly discovering new potential clients."
Sirtori develops new fabrics and collections through research and experimentation. The company manufactures texiles with new and different fibers and proposes new color charts. It can therefore work with a greater range of articles, such as 'Orsetto,' a wool velvet which has the Woolmark' guarantee.
Recent collections present the rediscovery of ecological materials, with fabrics manufactured with some types of cotton, linen, Australian wool, and Alpaca, a fine Peruvian fiber with thermal properties and a particular softness and resistance.
The Mario Sirtori fabrics manufactured with this fiber carry the Alpaca guarantee. The use of synthetic fibers has become very useful and necessary for the production and protection of new fabrics, because these can be mixed with natural fibers.
"Synthetic fibres give a particular shine and resistance to the fabrics. On the other hand, natural fibers are very important to Sirtori because these fibers give the fabric a special, soft touch and give life to certain unique fabrics such as 'Fiandra,' linen," said Giulio. He said this fabric is washable and offers easy upkeep, adaptable to any environment.
The company's goal is to present itself to the market as a dynamic company, aware of the demands made by the final consumer. "We like to think of ourselves as unique in our manner of proposing different and new products along with dynamism and efficiency. It is our intention to continue operating as we always have, in order to consolidate the gathered results and expand as far as possible, our range of action," Giulio said.
"The company's efforts are always pointing to the same direction: To offer a product that presents a good price/quality relationship that will reflect the company's stylistic research, accompanied by a precise and punctual pre and post sales service."

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