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Hospitality Fabrics & Furnishings Agent Extraordinaire, Pascal Philippo is the man to watch!

July 28, 2015


PARIS, France — When Pascal Philippo was warned of the demise of his employer Vanoutryve in 2011, he never dreamed his job would end but it did just that on February 21, 2013.

What is a married man with two kids living in Paris supposed to do in that situation? To his credit, Pascal developed a new business as an agent under the name P2, specializing in hospitality projects. In two years, he is breaking even, he says working with his principals, namely Brueder Baumann and other lines focused on the architect and designer. Pascal PhilippoPascal Philippo

“The overall market for upholstery is shrinking. Editeurs have less and less private customers in France and it is very difficult to survive here,” he points out, “as more and more, the customer end runs the editeur.

Pascal is beginning to thrive in the hospitality market in France. He is a man to watch!

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