Hospitality Cares Organization Steps Up to Help Those in Industry Losing Billions

New Corona Virus Fund helps travel-industry professionals

March 12, 2020


Hospitality Cares Organization Steps Up to Help Those in Industry Losing Billions

NEW YORK --Hospitality Cares, a not-for-profit organization founded by Michael Schneider, president of Next Events and publisher of F&FI, and the late Helen Marcus of Zenith Rugs, now has a dedicated Corona Virus Fund to assist those with financial problems due to the coronavirus.

The travel industry faces multi-billion-dollar losses from the COVID-19 outbreak.

Originally launched in September of 2009, Hospitality Cares was founded to help hospitality professionals recover from the financial crisis of 2008. After the sale of Schneider’s company, Boutique Design, to ST Media Group, the activities of Hospitality Cares were suspended.  Given the climate of the industry today, and with the backing of his new advisory board and his own company, Next Events, Schneider determined that now was the time to reboot the organization.

“Hospitality Cares extends support to hospitality professionals who have experienced financial challenges through job loss as well as housing and medical hardships," Schneider says in a statement. "Through job placement support and monies donated to Hospitality Cares, qualified professionals receive assistance in rebuilding their businesses and careers within the industry."

Individuals can submit their case to the Hospitality Cares Advisory Board, which will then determine who will receive support.

The Hospitality Cares Advisory Board is comprised of the following industry leaders: Alan Benjamin – Benjamin West; Amanda Jackson – HB Design Guild; Deborah Forest – Forrest Perkins; Heather Scott – Studio Proof Collection; Jim Hesterly – Hospitality Cares; Kathryn Pol – Benjamin West, Hospitality Cares President; Lee Szromba – Light Annex; Mark LeClair – LeClair; Michael Schneider – NEXT Events, Hospitality Cares Founder; Mike Handler – Valley Forge; Mitch Parker – Parker International; Mitch Zerg – MZA; Stephen Perkins – The Hotel Studio; Walter Rice – Kimball Hospitality.

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