Marteks’ Diversifies Products In Outdoor Upholstery, Wide Sheers

March 9, 2022


Kaya Cinoglu
Kaya Cinoglu

Bursa, Turkey—Marteks has become a major player in the mid to upper range upholstery, sheers and outdoor fabric business in the past several years making it one of the largest exporters of fabric in Turkey and a global player.
“We have traditionally been a sheer & drapery mill for nearly 40 years,” says Kaya Cinoglu
who took over the management of Marteks from his father in 2005 after graduating from Boston University. Marteks started up in 1980.
Eighty percent of our business is now sheers and drapery; 20% upholstery. Our first upholstery collections were developed a little more than two years ago. We have brought upholstery coverage in our production line to 25% of all sales in 2021.”
“We forecast outdoor fabrics will be the biggest growth segment for our industry in the next couple of years. Consumers are looking to move into larger homes with gardens and outdoor spaces everywhere in the world.”
“Now, we believe outdoor will reach 10-15% of our turnover in the next two years but it has big growth potential in the years ahead,” he feels.
“We already placed outdoor collections into editor and jobber lines coming out next year. We are also working with a few outdoor furniture companies.”
“We see a lot of demand for natural fibers and sales are very strong. We did not lose sales in 2020 during the pandemic; we finished the year level.”
“The downside with this is that linen prices are increasing at extraordinary levels these past few months. They are expecting even higher prices for 2022 and this pushed us to stock a lot more counts than we would normally. About 70% of our production is made with linen yarns so this has had a big impact on our business.”
“Sustainability is an important topic in the industry and we have launched recycled and organic collections in the past year. We are certified from GOTS and Global Recycled Standard organizations. We are producing organic linen and cotton draperies - sheers which have especially become more popular after the pandemic hit the world. Pandemic accelerated demand for organic, eco-friendly, recycled textiles and natural fibers. The pandemic has changed the way we work, but it also affords the opportunity to reshape our industry as a whole—the possibility of industry consolidation, accelerating this trend as the global supply chain changes to accommodate the new geographic shift in manufacturing. Our plan is to continue to stay close to our customers and to remain focused on innovation in different categories and sustainability.”

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