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Turkish Companies Unveil New Products at Mood+Indigo

September 17, 2018

BRUSSELS -- Two Turkish textile companies showcased new products last week at Mood+Indigo.

Hoping to capitalize in these growing markets, Elvin Textile now offers laser engraving on double width to 120 inches and Teksko Textile unveiled its Rainbow collection, the first, multicolored jacquard textile made from Trevira fiber.

Company officials said they came to the annual tradeshow looking for European customers, primarily in Germany, France, northern Italy and the Benelux (Belgium, Netherlands, and Luxembourg).


“This has been a two-year investment in (the laser engraving technology),” Elvin General Manager Murat Canik said.

Murat Canik of Elvin during Mood+Indigo.

The new laser technology will reduce chemicals as well as labor in producing fabric engraving, he said, which can give fabric a look like those in jean “distressed” finishes.

“We can produce a logo or design shape with the laser engraving,” Canik said.
He added the new laser tool will cut the time it takes to develop designs as well as allow for large-scale manufacturing.

Lasers have been used to design clothes. Adidas let customers design their own sweaters last year at a pop-up shop in Berlin, so it’s a natural progression that designers use the technology to create laser-cut textiles.

Elvin, a leading decorative fabric producer, will celebrate its 60th anniversary next year. Canik is the third generation to take the helm of the company.

“We’re vertically integrated,” Canik said. “We have a design center in Turkey. … The trend is environmentally friendly processes and high-tech fibers.”


During Mood, Teksko showed the first multi-colored, jacquard fabric using Trevira CS, according to Abuzer Tanriverdi, founder and owner, adding it will be a novelty for the market.

The new Rainbow collection was being targeted to the luxury market in Europe, primarily the United Kingdom, Netherlands and Germany.

Anke Vollenbroker, Trevira director of marketing and business development, said the Rainbow collection is special in two ways. 

"Teksko has used seven different colors and thus created a multicolor jacquard velvet," Vollenbroker said. "In addition, the fabric has a double-3D effect coming from the high/low weaving technique and the special pattern in the lower surfaces giving extra depth to the fabric." 

Created more than 30 years ago, Trevira CS had more than $317 million in sales by 2013 and is the first inherently flame-retardant branded fiber/yarn. Trevira officials certify all Trevira CS fabrics for their flame retardancy.

Tanriverdi said the latest collection will build on the Trevira legacy, and Vollenbroker agreed.

"(The Rainbow collection) is an extremely sophisticated fabric that will for sure add value to the variety of Trevira CS fabrics available on the market,” Vollenbroker said.

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