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Tony Attard Also Chairman of Alusid, Architectural Glass Recycler

May 22, 2017

LANCASHIRE—Alusid is a manufacturer of recycled ceramics and glass from sinks, bathtubs and television screen glass that would otherwise go into the landfill. The Silicastone product line is used for indoor/outdoor surfaces in the same way a designer would use stone, according to Tony Attard, Chairman of this startup company.
Pat and Tony Attard Pat and Tony Attard

  ORLANDO, FL—Rollie Attard, the 28-year-old son (one of three sons) has big shoes to fill but his enthusiasm for his business and where it can be in the next 30 years drives him on. He’s trying hard to prove himself these past two years after an education at Leeds with a BS degree in Economics and at London School of Economics with an MS degree in Management. (His brother Simon, involved with product development at Panaz UK, graduated London College with a Fine Arts  MS degree). Rollie also worked at Amazon as a vendor manager and was involved in a startup venture before that. He’s also used to taking a beating as an open side flanker on the Rugby field where he has torn up his right shoulder more than once. He also cracked a rib snowboarding in Breckinridge, Colorado just recently. He has lived in France and Dubai and gets home to the UK once a year. Fabric may be in his blood, he says. “Sure, I used to have sword fights with fabric tubes when I was much younger and dad took me around the factory but I wanted to work elsewhere to get my own experience,” he says. Now, as Eastern Sales Manager from the Midwest through Louisiana--he’s based in Panaz’s US offices in Raleigh, NC and spends a lot of his time on the road calling on customers and working with the 11 man sales force including 12 year West Coast veteran Chris Banner in the USA, the number one market for Panaz today. The unique selling proposition of Panaz td. Is its European style handwriting which the designers often favor,” Rollie says. “We sell many more neutrals in the USA than anywhere else. “We also pass all Euro fire codes and IMO standards so we easily pass FR codes in the USA but if you’re a New York designer doing a project in Paris, our same products will pass the French fire code. We can supply vinyl with 300,000 double rubs or woven fabrics with 100,000 rubs—whatever our customer needs.”

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