Tietex Exhibits at Evteks For First Time

June 19, 2008

ISTANBUL, Turkey – Tietex, a global manufacturer of textile products, has shown at Evteks for the first time this year in order to make itself accessible to customers in the region.

According to Tietex's European sales director Dirk Hagemeijer, representing Tietex Europe BV, the company decided to exhibit at EVTEKS to reach out to new customers. "We find a lot of customers in the region don't visit Decosit or Heimtextil," Hagemeijer said.

Describing Evteks as extremely successful, he said, "We had a very good response from Turkish customers and outside customers because we have very unique products not seen here and we have a lot of variety."

"We have manufacturing facilities in Thailand and the Netherlands from where we are able to ship directly," he continued. "We can ship as low as 50 meters per color. To be able to do that is very attractive to new customers because the initial investment is very small."

"Tietex started in Europe three years ago and has a network of agents all over Europe, Eastern Europe, Russia, and the Middle East," he said. "Eastern Europe and Russia we opened at the end of last year."

Tietex showcased extensions of its existing textile collections at Evteks with product expansion underway to include products made with a Crypton finish. "We have never finished our products with Crypton before, these will be our first," he said. "We plan to have them ready in time for Decosit."

"It is important to have our brand name known in the industry," Hagemeijer said. "At this show we picked up markets in Iran, Kazakhstan, Croatia and Ukraine."

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