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Tapecol's Decosit Show to Feature Innovative Qualities, Colors

September 5, 1999

S‹o Paulo, Brazil -- With an annual turnover of U.S. $70 million, Textil Tapecol is the biggest and most important manufacturer of jacquard products for decoration in Latin America. While it is known for top-quality prices at competitive prices, Tapecol will use Decosit to showcase its new textile collections with even better payment plans and lower prices, according to its top executives. Tapecol president Paul Seigh is also anxious to exhibit at Decosit a special line he developed for the contract market.
"We look forward to this event every year," Seigh said."We have only had good experiences at Decosit. Many contracts have been closed, sales have been made (especially to our clients) and we usually have many follow-ups," he said.
Over the years, exports have increased significantly for Textil Tapecol. Seigh attributes this in part to participation in international events and trade shows.
Seigh attributes its more attractive finance plans in part to a program by the Brazilian government which encourages exports. "This has increased our sales and we are now able to offer better payment conditions and lower prices. We are able to finance payment for our importers from 180 to 360 days."
Textil Tapecol currently has distribution points all over Brazil, Chile and throughout Mercosul, and is planning to open a distribution center in the southeastern United States. From these distribution points, an average of 30 percent of the company's production of 500 thousand meters of jacquard fabric per month is exported all over the world, with approximately 45 percent of the exports dedicated to the contract market.
"The contract market, both in Brazil and abroad, is a big part of our business," said Seigh. "At this point, a great percentage of our investments are going towards contract for the 2000 Olympics in Australia."
The Textil Tapecol name is highly regarded throughout the world. According to both Nardini and Seigh, its success has depended not only on quality control but on the fact that its employees can continually develop and churn out new designs. The company has a special department for design made up of twelve artists who develop 150 designs per month as well as a special in-house department dedicated to processing the threads and fibres in order
to create different textures and qualities. All of the company's developments are exclusive.
"We work with a group of artists in the production. The vehicle through which the artists express their passion and creativity is the fabric," said Nardini.
"We have no real collections. Our designs are created day by day," said Seigh of Tapecol's 20,000-design catalogue. "We have a collection of 5000 designs with at least four colors each. Most of them are kept in line for about five years, but the company also offers its traditional designs of permanent success."
Tapecol has developed collections especially for Decosit using innovative qualities and colours, such as: plain fabrics constructed with 'fantasy' threads; fabrics with rustic effects; a collection in silk, viscose and polyester; fabrics with nautical motifs; gobelins in acrylic boucl', and others. The company has high expectations for this year's exhibition and foresees positive results.
'We feel that every year the reception is even better,' Nardini said. The market knows and respects Textil Tapecol's quality and what we stand for.'

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