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Rockland Industries Recapitalizes, Closes South Carolina Plant

February 26, 2020

MIAMI BEACH, Fla. —Rockland Industries based in Baltimore, Maryland is closing its sole manufacturing plant in Bamberg, South Carolina.

Rockland Industries suddenly closed its plant in South Carolina.

All 133 employees there will be terminated from the Calhoun Street plant, which Rockland has operated since 1963. Rockland is the producer of Roclon blackout drapery linings.

News of the plant closing broke first in the Times and Democrat, a local Bamberg newspaper on Feb. 25, 2020.

F&FI has since learned that Rockland is undergoing a recapitalization but no further details about that process or the final outcome is forthcoming.

Rockland sales and administrative personnel were blindsided by the closing. They knew nothing about it beforehand.

Calls to Mark Berman, CEO of Rockland Industries, and Tom Kasputys, second in command, have not been returned.

F&FI learned that the plant will cease production this week and all outstanding orders will be shipped.

Rockland is the world’s largest blackout producer and is the only manufacturer of blackout linings in the USA. Those who supply hotels, healthcare and other industry segments will be hard-pressed to replace this supplier.

Check www.FandFI.com for further details as they become available. 


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