Precision Offers Medallion FR and Trevira®CS cloth

April 29, 2003

Burlington, N.C. - Precision Fabrics Group Inc., based in Greensboro, N.C., has created a contract fabrics unit. The new division will bring products to converters of hospitality and healthcare fabrics under the Medallion Collectionª umbrella.

For the past year, Precision contract fabrics business manager Chuck Parris has been working to develop new products, which are hitting the market now. The collection includes prepared-for-print and piece dyeable, 100 percent polyester fabric and polyester hybrid fabrics under the Medallion FR brand, as well as a Trevira¨CS fabric collection. Medallion FR is for domestic use while the TreviraCS fabrics will be geared to export and top of line applications through converters, Parris explained. The company expects to leverage its expertise in weaving and finishing into its contract fabrics business.

He said that all of Precision's Medallion FR branded polyester and hybrid polyester fabrics pass NFPA 701 9/99, and many will pass the 701-89 version. ''We're staying away from commodity products, preferring to offer plain weaves, dobbies and novelty weaves that are a little heavier, mostly seven ounces and above.''

Precision also expects to launch what it's calling a major breakthrough product in September, 2003 called Impasseª that is patent pending. ''It is really something that didn't exist before in the healthcare market,'' said Parris.

The company weaves, dyes and finishes in-house. The facilities for weaving are in Vinton, Virg., near Roanoke. ''We think our products have the best hand in the marketplace and our variety of finishing capabilities will be the key to our future success in the contract fabrics industry.''

Precision was a division of Burlington Industries that was purchased by management and became a private company in 1988. It now employs approximately 900 people. In addition to its fabrics for home furnishings, the company specializes in engineered textiles, including nonwovens, including for medical, military, and industrial applications.

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