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Pongs and Aste Landwehr Join Forces

September 30, 2005

BRUSSELS, Belgium – Pongs Velours GmbH & Co.KG and aste-Landwehr Textil GmbH announced at Decosit that they are developing a product that will combine Pongs' velours and aste's jacquards.

It is expected to hit the market in 2006 and will be geared toward the contract/hospitality industry.

The two companies have also combined their sales forces into one.

"It makes sense," said Gunnar Pongs, General Sales Director. "In my opinion it's a good thing for us, our agent, and for our customers."

"It promotes efficiency," said Till Sayle of aste-Landwehr. "Hopefully we can open the door for designers to get their products quicker." He said this gives them the opportunity to work out what they need to have for the market.

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