Need Free Business Financial Planning During Coronavirus? Bru Textile Leaders and Others Spearhead New Website: RecovidNow

April 8, 2020

Textile business leaders and others want to assist businesses with ways to handle the coronavirus crisis: the new website.

“There is no commercial interest in this site, we just wanted to offer our experiences to help others get prepared to weather the storm and come out the other side,” the group says in a statement.

The new website offers businesses "tips and tools" for dealing with the coronavirus crisis. 

On the website, users can find “tips and tools” that they can use “immediately to stabilize and repair the impact of the covid-19 crisis on their business and organization,” according to the group.

At, users will find three toolkits, which will be released in three phases.

Phase 1: “To help you through the most acute phase of this crisis a First Aid Kit has been assembled. The purpose of this kit is to gain control of this new and disruptive situation.

“To get control you need to get a clear view on your financial situation, your external ecosystem (customers and suppliers) and your internal ecosystem (staff and operations) and create an action plan. The First Aid Kit gives you a step-by-step approach to tackle these subjects yourself and to get your company back on track. You can build and execute the plan with your management team, and if do not have one, you can do it yourself,” the website reads.

Jason and Gary Neiman, principals of Bru Textiles (, brought together fellow entrepreneurs to build the RecovidNow project, including:

- Jo De Ridder and Louis Cnudde of Press Play (

- Matthieu De Winter and Sacha Krinstinsky of King of Hearts (

- Pieter-Jan Pieters and Robin Dohmen of OWOW (

“We are calling on all business leaders to spread these tools through your business ecosystems, so that even more companies and organizations will get the right tools to navigate through this crisis,” the group states, which can be found at its LinkedIn group: .

Phase 2: Survival Kit: “An action plan to structurally deal with a post-corona economic crisis” will be launched in June 2020, according to the website.

Phase 3: Rebuild and Growth Kit: “An action plan for business reinvention and growth after the crisis” will be launched in September 2020, according to the website.


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