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Materialised Says WeaveUp is Game Changing Technology

November 17, 2017

BLAKEHURST, NSW, AUSTRALIA — WeaveUp is a “game changer,” according to Gary Price, Managing Director of Materialised Pty, Ltd., a contract specialist here. “This business to business online platform enables our clients to take control of the selection and adjustment of a smorgasbord of designs and colors; limited only by their imagination, offering convenient specification at the Designers will.
Gary Price and Belinda Price Gary Price and Belinda Price
Price says Materialised launched WeaveUp mid-year at the Melbourne DEN Fair to “an amazing level of interest. One client described the level of interest demonstrated by the density of the crowd for the three-day event, as ‘an ongoing tsunami’ and another commented ‘wow! You guys will conquer the world;’ ”yet another cursed us because she had become addicted.” “Materialised has always been keen to innovate and lead change in the textile space; the addition of WeaveUp is evident of this progressive thinking--proving to alter the way printed textiles are selected and a transaction made.” Price says the collaboration between Materialised and WeaveUp delivers “an innovative web based program, one that allows absolute creative flow, at the fast speeds expected from Digital Textile Technology. The development was a steep adaptation, executed by industry leaders in both web design and textiles, delivering an outcome that we are delighted with and one that enormously satisfies our commissioning team.”

Angelo Carillo
Zhejiang HuaChen New Material Co., Ltd.

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