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Material ConneXion Promotes Michele Caniato, Andrew Dent

October 28, 2005

NEW YORK, New York — Managing director Michele Caniato and library director Dr. Andrew Dent have been promoted by Material ConneXion to the positions of executive vice president and vice president, respectively. In addition, they have been made shareholders of the company.

"In their new roles Mr. Caniato and Dr. Dent will take on larger roles in the overall responsibilities of the company and as shareholders they will be even more dedicated to the growth and success of Material ConneXion. I am confident in their abilities and proud to announce their promotions," said George M. Beylerian, Material ConneXion founder and president.

Caniato has been with Material ConneXion since its inception in 1997 and can be credited with collaborating with Beylerian and turning ideas into tangible realities that successfully service the design industry and its partners.

Dent, who joined the company in 2001, directs research into innovative products and processes. His role includes the coordination of monthly jury selections that vote new materials into the Material ConneXion libraries in New York, Milan, Cologne and Bangkok, as well as management of the physical library team and the virtual web-based library. Dent is also responsible for specifying the direction of research into new materials and the implementation of research and consultancy projects for Material ConneXion clients.

A reference guide featuring select materials which have passed through the Material ConneXion library over the years has recently been co-authored by Dent and Beylerian called Material ConneXion: The Global Resource of New and Innovative Materials for Architects, Artists and Designers. The book will be published by Thames & Hudson later this year.

Material ConneXion is the world's largest resource for new, innovative materials and processes. The company is headquartered in New York City, and has offices and libraries in Cologne, Germany, Milan, Italy and Bangkok, Thailand. The company also offers marketing and consulting services to retailers and manufacturers on all materials related matters, including material research for product development.

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