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Limonta Offers COEX®, Makes Natural Fibers Fireproof

March 10, 2015


COSTAMASNAGA, Italy—Limonta Laboratories, a division of Limonta, has developed a new patent for the production of fireproof fibers, natural or synthetic named COEX® naturally fireproof.

Limonta has the exclusivity for the upholstery market and Lodetex has been given the exclusive Coex license for the curtain market.

Lines featuring Coex fiber will be available at Proposte from both companies. There is no additional cost for COEX over conventional fibers without the fireproof feature, the company said.

“The new project has been developed after a long research and study. It is a revolution on the contract market because we have created a new yarn that does not burn,” says Luisa Arrigoni, Export Area Manager of Limonta.

In the winter 2015 issue of Fabrics & Furnishings International, Limonta Interior Coverings said that it expects to broadly diversify its upholstery and drapery fabric lines in 2015 to offset a decline in the overall fabrics business and the resulting smaller orders.  

“We can offer a NATURAL fiber that can be used in the contract business because it is flame proof without any treatment but being modified in the fiber composition itself,” she says. COEX is accomplished by rearranging the molecular structure of the fiber itself, Limonta says, including viscose-line and other natural fibers. The COEX fibers and fabric “will not melt” according to the company.

COEX is expected to have an impact on the European market for contract fabrics by passing all fireproof tests and gaining acceptance for hotel projects.

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