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Contract Greige Specialist Copland Fabrics Will Close

December 11, 2018


Fourth-generation owner of Copeland Fabrics Jason Copland.
Fourth-generation owner of Copeland Fabrics Jason Copland.

BURLINGTON, N.C. — Copland Fabrics Inc., a 77-year-old weaver of greige goods for the U.S.-based-contract-converter trade, expects to close its doors by year end after the loss of its largest customer.

Copland was a dedicated producer of polyester-base cloth for printing and piece dyeing as well as finished greige cloth.

A Copland Fabrics source, who did not want to be identified, emphasizes that the closing is not a bankruptcy.

“It was prompted by the loss of our largest customer, the shortage of local labor needed to run the 200-employee plant, and offshore competitive pricing pressure, namely China -- that could not be met,” the source says. “In fact, the customer, which tried to press Copland to reduce its prices by 20 percent, is now hard pressed to find any vendor who will meet that price.”

“The customer found out it didn’t have a back door and is now scrambling to find a vendor,” the source says.

Copland was owned by the Copland family and fourth-generation Jason Copland was the president and CEO.

His great-grandfather, James R. Copland Sr., started Copland Mills in 1941, while in his 60’s.

The Copland equipment has been sold along with the warehouse and plant, according to the source familiar with the proceedings.


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