Vay Adds Tutti Frutti Flavored Linens to Vanilla Synthetics

by Fabrics & Furnishings

August 7th, 2017

COMO, Italy — Vay S.p.A has changed its product strategy to fit the times by offering 100 percent linen instead of only synthetics with three times more product than previously offered according to Giovanni Vaj, principal of this Chieri, Italy based converter.

“We’re concentrating on trying to make the customers’ life easier,” Vaj states.

Vay’s focus is on delivery, quality and service for the 17-year-old converter with sales said to be in the $20 million range. Originally, Vayu started life as a jacquard mill but this was closed in order to focus on converting business.

Giovanni Vaj with new linens
Giovanni Vaj with new linens

“We’re offering yarn dyed linen in 250 colors in wide width now,” he explains. Deep color lines in basic fabrics have always been the hallmark of Vay but this time, he is offering ‘tutti frutti’ instead of plain vanilla polyester. There are 25 new collections in all with half of the new products shown during Proposte in an outside showroom that resembles Elvis Presley’s jungle room at Graceland, TN.

About 40 percent of the sales are in linen for Vay with the balance in synthetics. The new collections are priced at seven to 15 Euros.