Tenace Loves Kronberg Schloss!

by Fabrics & Furnishings

November 17th, 2017

FRANKFURT — The Schlosshotel Kronberg hotel is the last stop on the S bahn #4 which is located right outside the Messe Frankfurt. It’s very convenient to get back and forth from Heimtextil from here. The hotel even gives free limo rides to guests to get to the S bahn: train station near the stadt. This hotel sits just a little outside Frankfurt. You can walk but you need about 20 minutes.

This place was built in 1893 by Princess Victoria whose mother was the Queen of England. It was built by the princess, The Empress Frederick, for her husband , Frederick III, King of Prussia and German Emperor after his death as a memorial to him. She was also mother to Germany’s last emperor, Friedrich Wilhelm II. She lived here for seven years after it was finished.

This was originally called ‘Friedrichshof.’ It’s truly one of the nicest/ best hotels in all of Europe. I was told that by many people including some locals I met on the train.

The rooms all have been designed by Nina Campbell, which is interesting for those of us in the fabric biz!

Donatus Landgraf Von Hessen and Rainer Prinz bin Hessen are the owners of the hotel, They are the descendants of the Empress Frederick!

The castle harmoniously combines German Renaissance style with English Tudor as an homage to her British roots. It also has all the modern conveniences and many high tech features.

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Their email is: info@schlosshotel-Kronberg.de. It’s really nice to come back to this after a long day of talking and doing business!!!

—Rachelle Tenace, West Palm Beach, FL

Rachelle Tenace
Rachelle Tenace