Strydom Opens Intertex; Romo Leaves Fabric Library

by Fabrics & Furnishings

November 7th, 2011

JOHANNESBERG, S.A.– Neil Strydom has begun trading under the name of Intertex, the newest wholesaler in South Africa. Previously, he was managing director of Fabric Library.   

In the wake of his departure, Romo has pulled out of the Fabric Library stable after many years and has appointed Intertex as its new distributor. Romo is an upmarket wholesaler, one of the largest in the world and is based in Nottingham, UK. Jonathan Mould is the owner.

Neill StrydomNeill StrydomHome Fabrics, a converter and distributor of up market brands purchased The Fabric Library for an undisclosed price from Courthiel Holdings this past July as previously reported by F&FI. Strydom reported to Julian Gelb, one of the owners of the merged entity, Home Fabrics and Fabrics Library. Back office operations of the two companies have been merged since the acquisition.  Both companies are well known mid to upper range converters and wholesalers in South Africa. The Fabric Library has been operating since 1965.


Home Fabrics is the sole and exclusive distributor of all Bru Textile product in South Africa. Bru is based in Mechelen, Belgium and has been recognized as one of the most successful converters in the business since its founding over a decade ago by Gary Neiman and his brother Jason.

“Our distribution agreement with Bru Textiles adds value to our business in respect of those Editeurs for whom we have acted as distributors in Home Fabrics for many years,” Gelb said. “The majority of our agreements have been in effect for over 20 years   Bru textiles is certainly not a company who has goods conflicting with Editeurs such as those for whom we are privileged to represent.”

The arrangement with Bru has been in place for four years now and was at that time the basis on which the management of Home Fabrics undertook a management buyout. It is widely believed though not substantiated that Bru is now the owner of the combined distributor with Gelb and reportedly provided the capital for the purchase of both companies.