Pair Form Senzza with Chinese Owners

by Sipco News Network

April 6, 2012


ALICANTE, Spain — Senzza Creations is a new agency and consultancy founded by Juan Gisbert Senzza  and Rubén Masia in late 2011.

With their European skills and knowledge they have partnered with Shengli Textile Co., Zhenjiang Textile Group Co. Ltd., a Chinese manufacturer and the financial muscle and owner of the business.

The pair showed their first six collections at Heimtextil 2012 in Frankfurt. The lines included cotton, linen, viscose, embroidery, velvet, acrylic and polyester for use in curtains, bedding, upholstery and high end decoration. 

Gisbert and Masia formed this new decorative editeur brand using their creative skills and knowledge of marketing and export sales, gained from previously working at Alhambra International for 12 years as export manager and production manager respectively. 

“Senzza Creations combines the advantages of advanced looms with a contemporary European style,” Gisbert told F&FI. The pair acts as selling agents in charge of selling these collections in Europe among other areas in the world. They also act as advisors to Shengli Textile Co. Zhejiang Textile Group, Ltd. “We have developed all qualities, color combinations, sample books including pictures, website; we have developed all collections, qualities, corporate image for them.  F&FI