Crypton® Enters China and Europe with Tietex Asia

by Eric Schneider

July 3, 2008

SPARTANBURG, South Carolina - Tietex Asia Ltd. based in Thailand has been named an exclusive licensee to produce Hi-tex's Crypton fabrics in Asia according to Martin Wildeman, CEO of Tietex International, Ltd., the parent company here.

Crypton provides a patented integrated moisture barrier system to a broad line of fabrics. "We will launch a line of Crypton fabrics for sale to the European market at Decosit through Tietex Europe, BV located in Oirschot, The Netherlands," Wildeman confirmed. Crypton will be available initially with the Tietex line of Murena® brand fabrics, it was learned. Murena employs a patented microstitching process invented by Tietex.

Tietex has installed equipment in its manufacturing facility in Laem Chabang, Thailand to "Cryptonize" a line of fabrics geared to the European market. Specially designed lines of Tietex fabrics will also be marketed in Asia featuring the Crypton technology.

Tietex has distribution centers in The Netherlands and Australia as well as its 40,000 square meter manufacturing plant in Thailand, about two hours south of Bangkok. As previously reported, this plant produces body cloth or upholstered furniture kits for shipment to China.

Hi-Tex started to produce the Crypton process in 1994 and since that time, has signed up more than 50 suppliers for contract and residential applications and has achieved a growth of 20 percent a year annualized, a Crypton spokesman said. The appointment of Tietex was the result of a thorough review of Asia based mills by Crypton principals Randy and Craig Rubin.

Corporate offices are based in West Bloomfield, Michigan with a manufacturing plant in Kings Mountain, NC.