Euroart’s Ricky Lu Says China Property Decline Impacts Local Fabric Business

SHANGHAI, PRC — China has property problems due to a real estate meltdown according to Ricky Lu, owner of Beijing Euroart Co. here, a 15-year-old retailer to the interior designer and distributor to 200 other strong wholesalers in major Chinese cities, he says. Euroart is considered to be one o[...]

Nomi Outdoor Fabrics Finds Lucrative Indoor/Outdoor Niche Markets

Santa Cruz, California — Nomi Inc. is tucked away in one of the surfing capitols of the world here totally focused on designing indoor and outdoor fabrics for the high street interior designer. Now, Nomi Franklin (the owner and artist/designer) wants to diversify into other home product categor[...]

Kravet Opens 7,400 Square Foot Naples, Florida Showroom

NAPLES, Florida — Kravet has opened a 7,400 square foot showroom in the location where the old “Naples Millworks” building stood since the 1940’s, which preceded the modern day Home Depots.  It is the only corporate showroom of its kind with a heavy emphasis on fully accessorized room vigne[...]

Frank Cauce Offers South American Overview

“The big misconception many have about South America is that it is one big, homogeneous market like the USA, but it is not that way at all”, Cauce says.  “South America is a compilation of many smaller, unique markets.  You can travel from one side of Europe to the other in about 3.5 hours; [...]

Outdura® Names Tsocos

HUDSON North Carolina — September 3, 2015:  Gloria Tsocos has been named Contract Sales  & Product Development Manager for North America by Sattler AG, the makers of Outdura solution dyed acrylic outdoor fabric. In this new position for Sattler, Gloria is working with Gary Roussell, Direc[...]

One of Frank Cauce’s Favorite Caribbean Restaurants: Matisse in Nassau, Bahamas

Nassau, Bahamas — Cafe Matisse on Bank Lane in Nassau Bahamas is one of Frank Cauce’s favorite Caribbean restaurants and it is certainly worth eating there. Over the years of his ownership, owner/maitre ‘d Greg Curry has papered the walls with framed Matisse prints upstairs and down in this 20[...]

Tenace, Oberndorfer Join Global Textile Marketing Exchange

WEST PALM BEACH, Florida — Rachelle Tenace and her husband Juergen Oberndorfer have both joined Global Textile Marketing Exchange, Inc. as Sales Manager and Market Development Manager, respectively. They report to President and founder, Bill Jones. [caption id="attachment_14183" align="alignrig[...]

Margaret Bachleda Passes

NEW YORK, New York — A dedicated entrepreneur in the textile industry, Margaret Bachleda started her career working with Lanscot-Arlen Fabrics, one of the large American converters which prospered in the mid 90’s. After Lanscot-Arlen closed its doors, Margaret started a fabric sales agency wh[...]

RM Coco Founders Leave; Bank Takes Over With Rapidly Falling Sales, Turnover

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Missouri — James and Beverly Rust, the principals of RM Coco and the Custom Creations workroom division left the company on October 16. At a company wide meeting with the Bank consultants hired to dispose of the assets as quickly as possible, employees were told that a more aggr[...]

European Mills Consolidate in Stronger Family Hands Like The Hellyns and Vandewieles of Belgium

BRUSSELS — Mergers, bankruptcies and closures have been the recent history of the Belgian Textile Industry, which has been buried by high labor costs and Government bureaucracy. Belgium forces its textile producers to pay something like $250 in social benefits and support costs for every $100 i[...]