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Anke Vollenbroeker Says: Trevira’s U.S./Asia Push Tries to Overcome Sluggish European Market

NEW YORK, New York —Trevira®CS at 30 plus years and $317 million in sales, is continuing its bid to be the first and oldest inherently flame retardant branded fiber/yarn  by increasing its share of the “shrinking” market in Europe; USA and now the growing domestic market in China accordi[...]

Although TreviraCS would like to do more business with Chinese mills for the China domestic hospitality business, it is hampered because of time delays

 “It is not difficult to meet the TreviraCS standard, but it takes a long time to get delivery of the yarn and also a long time to receive approval for the fabric sample. This prevents Babei from offering TreviraCS to our customers. The hospitality business is a time sensitive business and fa[...]