Skaff Group Presents New Facade, Collection, Website

by Fabrics & Furnishings

April 6th, 2012


BEIRUT, Lebanon — Skaff Group, a 45 year old fabric and home furnishings wholesaler here, has completely revamped its main headquarters and showroom on Mkalles Road along with a new branding identity effort according to Joyce Salloum, marketing director.  

In addition to Lebanon, its home market, SKAFF is represented by showrooms in other Middle East markets in Qatar, Dubai, KSA, UAE, Syria and Jordan with additional locations in the UK & Singapore. Skaff headquartersSkaff headquarters

Skaff Group was founded in 1965 by Georges Skaff who passed on his passion and dedication to his sons. He was first joined by his son Elie and ten years later, by Philippe who brought his own personal touch to the development of Skaff Group through his entrepreneurial style of management and “open door” policy. 

In 2002, 23 year old, 3rd generation son, GP SKAFF, immersed himself in the world of textiles, fabrics and wallpapers as he began managing the business, spearheading bottom-line growth on successful projects, assisting his father in marketing and managing every function within Skaff.  F&FI