Robert Allen/Duralee Merges Design Studios, Cuts Personnel, Product Intros;

Lee Silberman, RADG CEO Addresses the Market Chatter About His Company

by Fabrics & Furnishings

March 22nd, 2018

HAUPPAUGE, NY–“There is now too much product chasing too few customers,” says Lee Silberman, CEO of The Robert Allen Duralee Group, (RADG) the result of a merger one year ago.

He says RADG has notified vendors it will cut the amount of product it intends to launch in the remainder of 2018 and in 2019.

“Our goal is to adjust our approach to make us smarter and more strategic in the way that we do business.”

Consequently, you won’t be seeing RADG designers at Proposte this year.  Silberman intends to be there so “I can personally explain to our vendors the changes being made and to reassure them we are confident that RADG isn’t going anywhere and plans to be more vibrant than ever.”

“Despite rumors to the contrary, The Robert Allen Duralee Group (RADG) is very much alive and kicking and positioning itself for future growth,” he says. “Mergers can often be messy and last year’s merger of The Robert Allen Group and Duralee Fabrics, Ltd. to become RADG was no exception.”

“Recently RADG completed the second and final phase of its merger strategy.  Most notable among these changes is the consolidation of our two NYC design studios into one location at 80 Broad Street under the guidance of Creative Director, Stephen Levine.”

“The second major strategic change is a rebranding project. This begins with a rebranding of our showrooms in each of the 13 cities in which we have a showroom presence. The showrooms will now operate as one RADG showroom with one manager and one sales team, even if the product is located in two separate showroom spaces in the building,” he explains. “This change will lead to a better customer experience. Designers will be able to develop a closer relationship with their sales representative who will work with them on all RADG brands that they are shopping.”

“In implementing these changes and to place RADG in the best position for long-term success, a lot of very difficult decisions had to made and we had to let go of some very talented and capable individuals.  We now have about 575 people working for us and committed to keeping RADG in the forefront of the design industry,” he points out.