Privacy Policy

Sipco Publications Inc. Privacy Policy

Sipco Publications Inc.’s Privacy Policy represents our firm commitment to combine the highest quality news, information, service and products with the highest degree of integrity in dealing with visitors to our Web sites. The Policy governs how we collect, store and use information about our visitors. It will be continuously reexamined in light of new technologies, new business practices and the changing needs of our visitors.

  1. Our Web sites collect no personally identifying information except when that information is knowingly provided by you, such as when you request a product or service that requires registration or billing information. This information also enables us to refine and customize your experience on our sites.
  2. Occasionally we may also ask for information in polls and surveys to enable us to better meet your needs and preferences. At such times, we will inform you about why we are collecting this information, and we will explain how it is being used.
  3. We will take appropriate measures to ensure the security and privacy of any personally identifiable information that we collect.
  4. We will provide appropriate mechanisms for you to review and correct, upon request, any personally identifiable information we collect from you. To ensure the integrity of the request, we will require that it be made in a manner that can be verified.
  5. From time to time we may share personally identifiable information with companies or organizations that we believe might have a product or service of interest to you. However, we will offer you the opportunity to “opt-out” of having this information shared with third parties that are not affiliated with Sipco Publications Inc.
  6. We may place “cookies” in the browser file of your computer. A cookie doesn’t contain permanently identifying personal information. It’s used to provide an enhanced user experience, making your navigation through our sites easier by saving your passwords, purchases and preferences while you’re at our sites. Cookies also show how visitors use our sites and enable us to make improvements based on actual visitor traffic patterns. The use of cookies in this manner is an industry standard.

This Privacy Policy may be revised from time to time, and you are urged to review it periodically.

Sipco Publications Inc. Terms of Service

Use of this Web site constitutes agreement to the following Terms of Service:

  1. Sipco Publications Inc.’s Web sites and their content are provided “as is,” without any warranties whatsoever, expressed or implied. Sipco Publications Inc. assumes no legal liabilities associated with your use of its Web sites or their content.
  2. Sipco Publications Inc.’s Web sites provide hyperlinks to external sites for the convenience of our visitors and advertisers. Such a hyperlink doesn’t imply that Sipco Publications Inc.endorses the content or operation of external sites. You are solely responsible for how you use any external site to which you might link from this Web site.
  3. Sipco Publications Inc. assumes no liability for your use of a service or product purchased or obtained from an area of this site or from a “co-branded” site operated by a company or person not directly affiliated with Sipco Publications Inc. In such areas or sites you may be asked to provide certain information, including credit card or other payment mechanism. You agree not to hold Sipco Publications Inc. responsible or liable for any loss or damage of any sort incurred as a result of your dealings with third parties who operate these areas or co-branded sites.
  4. The laws of the State of New York and the United States of America apply to these Terms of Service, no matter where this Web site is viewed.
  5. These Terms of Service may be revised from time to time. Use of this Web site constitutes agreement to the Terms of Service that are posted at the time of use.

Permissions to Link or Post

Permission is granted for linking to the sites or individual pages or articles within the sites. Please note that after 30 days an article moves into archive and an archive subscription is then required to view it.

To request permission for posting an article on another site, contact the Editor. Please detail the reason for the request, and specify the URL of the site where the article will be posted. The name and phone number of someone to contact for further information (if needed) should also be noted in the e-mail.

In most cases permission will be granted for posting the text only, without images. When posting an article on another site, the article can’t be truncated or altered in any way, except that type may be changed to accord with the style of the site or a pdf document. However, the relative sizes between headline/byline/body/copyright must remain proportional, and we generally request a link to the home page of the site where the article originally appeared.

Finally, the Editor must be notified when and exactly where (specify the URL) an article is posted so that it can be reviewed in context. Permission for posting is granted only after this review.