Letter From Proposte

by Fabrics & Furnishings

May 22nd, 2017

COMO, Italy — You’re either the best at what you do or you’re the least expensive.

Everything in between is questionable.

This is true in every industry but it is especially true in decorative fabrics and upholstery.

This was made very clear at Proposte and International Observatory last Month.

If you need two meters of velvet by tomorrow, where can you get it?

Who will answer that question the best in days ahead—the mill, converter, jobber or Amazon?

Sourcing keeps changing countrywide but China is the best commodity producer. Spinelli is buying Chinese silk yarn and weaving in Italy; Zhongwang is designing in Europe and producing in China for Euro distribution. Anything is now possible.

You can embroider Chinese or Indian base cloth; digitally print a variety of basecloths based on your location; technology continues to change textiles.

You’re either the biggest—cheapest or the king of design.

Good luck to all!

Eric Schneider, Publisher
Eric Schneider, Publisher