Lartex Joins Decosit Exhibitor List

Brazilian Company Will Showcase 100 Percent Natural Fibers

by snn

July 24th, 2008

DORAL, Florida – Lartex, a high-end upholstery fabric producer, will exhibit at Decosit for the first time this year. It will showcase a new jacquard collection made of 100 percent natural fibers.

The “Nateure” collection incorporates 100 percent natural cotton, linen, viscous and wool and was inspired by Brazilian composer Tom Jobim. ”Our last collections have been made of polyester and some cotton,” said Rubens Pereira, vice president of Lartex. “Because we are going to Decosit for the first time, we tried to bring something new from Brazil and unique to our pre-existing collections. We believe this will appeal to the European market.”

Lartex, which currently exports to countries in South America and the U.S. (as of 2002), looks to expand its reach into Europe at Decosit. Pereira indicated that while Lartex is well known as a high-end supplier of jacquards in South America and the U.S., the company expects for a slow start in Europe while it builds its reputation there. br>
Pereira said was approved for Decosit in November of 2007, was notified of its admission to the show in February of 2008 after a year of being on the waiting list.

LARTEX is situated in the Industrial District in Rio de Janeiro. In 2006 the company established a branch office in Miami, U.S., to distribute fabrics produced by LARTEX for the American market. The globalization brought for the company the chance to specialize its machines and expand the company.

Currently, LARTEX appeals to the high-end fabric market for upholstery in Brazil, Mercosul and U.S. On the external and internal market, the weaving mill has more than 5,000 different jacquard designs, varying the weight between 400-980 g/ linear m, made from 100 percent natural fiber and some synthetics.