Gebruder Munzert’s Energy Independence Drives Philosophy Behind the New Pivot Collection Shown at Proposte

by Fabrics & Furnishings

May 22nd, 2017

NAILA-MARLESREUTH, Germany — Gebruder Munzert, a 91-year-old jacquard weaving mill here is reaping benefits from its early attention to environmentally sound production.

“Our new “Pivot” product line officially launched at Proposte 2017. combines color with an incredible soft hand by utilizing only traditional finishing techniques such as water, applied mechanics and temperature. This creates added value for our customers since the highly durable line is also 100 % recyclable,” says Bernd Kout, CEO.

Bernd Kout (right) & Klaus Munzert
Bernd Kout (right) & Klaus Munzert

“The collection will be marketed in an unexpected way – an experience for all senses” Kout remarks. “The fabrics are aesthetic, intelligent and valuable. These attributes are supported by independent lab tests but all focuses on the pureness of the fabric, construction and finishing.”

“Launching a new Pivot collection under that aspect only seems logical and consequential to us, given our proclivity to become as sustainable as possible” Kout says. The idea is to produce clean textiles for a clean home and environment.

The Pivot Collection is largely the result of energy self sufficiency at Munzert starting in 2013. Considerable power savings have been achieved so far according to Klaus Munzert, Managing Director. The changeover from conventional lighting to LED lighting and a further investment into its own photovoltaics site followed.

“We generate over 90.000 kWh of solar energy per year, which we mainly use for the powering of our jacquard looms. The warmth that is generated by our weaving machines is even used in a recuperative heat exchanger to fuel my private home” Munzert says.

“Since January, 2017 our remaining energy needs are covered solely by waterpower which will help us to save about 545.000 kg carbon dioxide”

In addition, the company also arranged for structural alteration works that will allow it to remodel its heating system to run with environmentally friendly natural gas instead of conventional fuel oil. According to Munzert, this change is imminent. “Climate change, availability of resources and globalization are only part of the challenges facing fabric manufacturers today,” he says. “Environmental awareness also becomes manifested in the increasing demands of the customers. The abstinence of harmful substances is vital in the growing interest for products made in environmentally friendly production.”

With their products solely produced in Marlesreuth, Gebr. Munzert is proud to say that the major part of their goods are free from Azo-dyes as well as formaldehyde and other pollutants. These goods are accredited according to Oeko-Tex Standard 100.

“An effective engagement in sustainability can not only provoke social and economic innovation; if understood in its entirety, it can also cause substantial progress to reinvent products and enter into new markets”, says Bernd Kout, CEO.