Enduratex Offers New Authenticity Promise

Backing on Vinyl’s Verifies Products

by khushin

March 5th, 2009

CITY OF INDUSTRY, California – Producers of vinyl-coated fabrics, Enduratex, has introduced an authenticity plan in order to prevent imitation and knock-off sales that have become a global concern.

The new backing to the fabric will include a stamp which reads ”Authentic Enduratex” and will be introduced to the marketplace during the first quarter of the year.

”It is because of our commitment to our customers and their trust in Authentic Enduratex that we felt the need to provide an indisputable marker to identify our products,” said Jeff Post, Vice President and General Manager of China General Plastics Corporation of America (CGPC), also known as Enduratex. ”The new Authentic Enduratex Signature backing ensures that identifiable authenticity.”

The first product line to reflect the new authenticity backing will be Endurasoft products, followed by a transition of all Enduratex’ products to incorporate the new backing.