Carleton House, Dogwood Fabrics Merge

by Fabrics & Furnishings

May 22nd, 2017

GAITHERSBURG, Maryland —Effective May 1, Carleton House Fabrics a family owned fabric wholesaler here since 1952 will merge with Dogwood Fabrics of Atlanta, Georgia according to Don Hurwitz, principal of Carleton House.

Rick and Pat Mcinnis are the owners of Dogwood, a 72-year old wholesaler.

“All current fabrics in our line, and many new ones, will be available now through the Dogwood operation,” Hurwitz told his agents and staff.

Donald Hurwitz
Donald Hurwitz

“All business policies we share remain the same. Dogwood will operate Carleton House Fabrics under the same name,” he says. Hurwitz, second generation owner of Carleton House says he will continue to consult and advise Dogwood for some time.

“In Italian, the term for retirement is “andare in pensione,” to give up work; but the deeper Latin, and esoteric meaning is to take the time to reflect, to contemplate, to reflect, and enhance our lives. I will embark on the latter,” he adds in a letter to his colleagues.