Amardeep Opens Modern Warehouse, Trades Up Fabric

Father, two sons run one of the largest Asian wholesalers

by Fabrics & Furnishings

August 7th, 2017

JAKARTA, Indonesia—Amardeep, a 34-year-old company, has opened “a state of the art, 6,250 square meter warehouse with cutting machines in place” according to Ashok Nanwani, the owner.

“Business is slow but sure right now and it has been that way for the past several months,” Nanwani admits. “We get new ideas by traveling the market. We have seen performance fabrics without chemical in polyester and we like the Rohleder line from Konradsreuth, Germany. There is too much competition at the lower price points,” he says.

Sohan and Ashok Nanwani
Sohan and Ashok Nanwani

“We’re doing more high end projects like hotels and we’re looking for better goods as a result, at higher prices of course. Volume of these goods might be smaller but at least there is a profit!”

About 90 percent of Amardeep’s business is cuts. “There is a lot of outdoor furniture manufactured and sold in Indonesia today and we supply the manufacturers with Sunbrella® and Serge Ferrari coated fabrics from France. Most everything we sell, we also stock and that’s the value of having a bigger warehouse.

“Our new place is like an Apple warehouse in terms of organization,” he says. Nanwani is considered to be one of the leading wholesalers in Asia today. He was present for this year’s Proposte in Como with his son Sohan and his buddy, Kenny Kolwani, a well-known distributor in Dubai.

Vikesh, Nanwani’s other son, stayed at home to manage Amardeep but the three partners are multifaceted and capable of managing any aspect of the operation including 75 employees, Sohan says and this time it was Vikesh’s turn to watch the shop.

Amardeep admits to having nearly 500 clients today with a sales office in Malaysia to serve them.